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Top Digital Marketing Strategies for 2021

The year of 2020 brought unpredictability, uncertainty and a new (and kind of weird) way of living. As a result, digital marketing has never been more important! But what are the best digital marketing strategies for 2021? We’re here to help you out.

The below are important components of a successful digital marketing strategy, that aim to target your intended market under more isolated conditions of living.

Good Content

Let’s start with content. Producing good content may seem obvious but, in many strategies marketers fail to identify the correct purpose of the content itself. Why are you posting it?, what do you want to achieve by posting it? How will it be received by your target audience?

These questions, if answered correctly can deliver the message you want even without use of words. To set a goal for your content consider the following options:

- Brand awareness

- Increased reach and engagement

- User conversion

- Build page traffic

Each goal would set a different outcome of content and a different approach to your digital marketing strategy. This can correspond with what type of asset you choose or what platform you post on, e.g. is it a video or carousel and is it better for Facebook or Instagram?

The Power of SEO

The power of Search Engine Optimisation should not be overlooked! A strong SEO plan and understanding your current website ranking, can allow you to optimise your website content to fit what users want to see. Particularly during a time when so many people are confined to the digital world, SEO can ensure your brand stands out improving discoverability and increasing traffic and awareness.


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is your new cost effective best friend. It’s a form of paid advertising that gives you complete control over your target audience and spend by, allowing you to set a budget and only charging you when a user clicks onto your website.

Influencer Marketing

As a result of being isolated for so long, the new world has produced a wave of at home promotion. Influencers are more influential than ever, which means to get your business or product noticed both online and offline influencer marketing is the way to go.

Dependant on your budget there is no limit to what type influencer you can contract, mega influencers, micro influencers, what platform they are most popular on and their reputation are all variables of the selection. The most important part however, is ensuring they are the right fit for your brand and that they will reach the right people. Always remember when it comes to reach, quality over quantity should be a priority.

Email Marketing

It may be the oldest trick in the bag, but email marketing isn’t going anywhere. For as long as people are checking their emails, there will always be a direct marketing opportunity. But, it’s not just about directly reaching your individual users, it’s about how you make these individuals not hit the delete button upon the email delivery. The following tips will help you construct a read-worthy email:

· Keep it simple – less is more when it comes to emails, particularly when people are getting hundreds of emails filled with GIFS and images, that take forever to download. Text only style emails are the new way to go this year!

· Keep it personal – ensure the email is addressed with the correct name and features topics that would appeal to that person.

· Keep it interactive – Online interaction is the new physical interaction, so give your users the opportunity to click through to shop, view, book and explore what you are offering straight from the email.

Adapt to 2021

We have all learned to adapt, and our marketing strategies can now adapt with us! By using the above digital marketing strategies for 2021, altering them to new trends and monitoring changing consumer behaviours, we can prepare our strategies for a new yet again unpredictable and improved marketing year!

If you need any help with marketing strategy and implementation for 2021 then Reality Marketing are here for you, contact our friendly and experienced team today!


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