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Reality Marketing outsourced marketing options


Do you have a marketing plan for your business?

Are you regularly reviewing your marketing plan?

Are you measuring marketing activity for ROI?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, then you most certainly are not alone. In fact, despite the critical importance of having and following a marketing plan, many businesses still do not have one.


Planning is crucial in every aspect of your business, marketing planning included.

A marketing plan enables you to understand who your target market is, how you communicate with them, which channels to use per your audience and your budget and how to measure the return on investment of your marketing activity.

Planning makes your marketing activity more efficient, more consistent and in the end, helps drive sales and awareness of your brand. Indeed, a marketing plan clarifies the key marketing elements of your business and maps out the direction, objectives and activities for you and your team.

Your marketing plan should specifically define key information including your target market and value proposition, as well as tactical ideas and actions you wish to take to attract, acquire, retain and leverage customers resulting in increased sales and increased profit for your business.

Reality Marketing can assist you by developing your own practical integrated marketing plan.


Achieve your business goals with the support of a strategic and practical marketing plan. Create a solid marketing foundation and best practice for your business for the future. Build awareness, reach and authority within your target markets.

Your Marketing Plan can cover the following:

  • Snap shot of the marketplace and competitors

  • Target marketing and development of key

  • communication messages

  • Developing campaigns to build awareness and demand

  • Marketing tactics such as online, PR, advertising, promotion, pricing

  • Identify optimal communication channels that suit your brand, audience, offering and budget

  • Client experience assessment

  • Assessment of the business development process and recommended sales and educational tools

  • Drive referrals

  • Managing distribution of content through various online channels

  • Activity schedule and budgets

  • Reporting and measurement of activities


A detailed and practical marketing strategic plan focusing on the business goals over the following 12 months, including tactics, budgets, development of a content and social media strategy for your business, activity schedule and reporting and measurement actions.

If you are interested in developing your marketing plan, please contact or
call 0423 361 093.

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