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By Identifying and aligning with a suitable organisation or charity that fit with your businesses philosophy and values can provide an ideal opportunity to give back to the community, creating a sense of good will while also affording a chance to increase reach to prospective customers.

Reality Marketing outsourced marketing options

This involvement can then be communicated across all channels including your businesses digital platform and leverage possible media exposure opportunities accordingly, you can also encourage participation and contribution from your team and customer base where suitable too.

Reality Marketing can assist you with the following in relation to partnerships and sponsorship opportunities:

  • Researching, targeting and securing suitable partners

  • Negotiating a valuable sponsorship agreement

  • Identifying and leveraging communication opportunities

  • Generating content and marketing items to support involvement

  • Formulating exclusive offers and campaigns

  • PR strategy and execution to communicate partnership

  • Coordinating sharing and featuring of social media

  • Other as required

If you are interested in utilising and gaining maximum traction from this approach as part of your marketing strategy please contact Reality Marketing.

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