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about us

20 years of hands On marketing experience

Leonie is a passionate marketing all-rounder who is committed to providing the strategic direction and execution support needed to achieve sustainable growth for your business. With two decades of integrated marketing management and coaching experience heading up high performance marketing teams across a variety of industries and organisations both domestically and internationally, including the health, dental and medical arena and having run her own successful businesses previously, Leonie brings with her knowledge, expertise and her genuine reality marketing ability to take your company to the next level.

Other interests include: going to the beach, keeping fit and well, spending time with family and friends, travelling and enjoying a glass of bubbly on the deck.

Fun fact: Leonie competed in the 2004 Olympics in Athens for Synchronised Swimming.


We genuinely care about you and your business and making it a success

What we are

  • An organisation that understands the realities of operating a business and the daily challenges involved.

  • Understanding that you can’t specialise in every aspect of the business and respect that you have identified marketing as an area for enhancement.

  • A company who wants you to gain maximum value out of your marketing dollar and be able to accurately measure results.

  • An organisation who can tailor marketing activity specifically to suit your unique requirements and will work around your budget, brand and aspirations.

What we are not

  • A fancy creative ad agency who wants to charge you a bomb for something you don’t actually need.

  • A large company with huge overheads that are passed on at the clients expense.

  • A firm who uses superfluous marketing jargon that can’t be understood by a normal person.

Let's talk about your business.

Strategic, researched marketing plans built for your specific business needs.

From strategy to execution, we deliver tailored marketing support based on years of experience, ROI and analytics.


No fancy agency extras, no finger in the wind mentality, no exorbitant costs.

A strategic marketing partnership

There is no need to tackle your marketing alone. Reality Marketing provides an accessible, strategic and cost effective marketing resource for your business.


Reality Marketing was developed to enable businesses to access experienced and qualified marketing management, as they need it. We offer marketing expertise without the high cost of executive salaries or complexities of short term employment arrangements.

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