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Tips for using images to enhance your marketing efforts

Tips for using images to enhance your marketing efforts

You can have the best-written blog or social media post, but without one key element, it runs the risk of falling flat and not being read or shared by a wide audience.

What's that one thing that can make or break your marketing efforts? An image.

The human brain can process images up to 60,000 times faster than text.

There's no denying the power of the image. Images communicate faster and are more memorable then words.

But not all images are created equal.

Here's how to ensure that the images you use stand out and serve to increase eyeballs on your content and posts.

1. Keep it real

Now most people I know, myself included definitely prefer real photos over generic stock images. This gives you the perfect opportunity to showcase your team in action and utilise real talent in the form of your actual customers to bring your photos to life. People love seeing people they know being featured, and always remember to gain consent before using these picis. If you haven't had a professional shoot done yet for your business, now might be a great time to organise one and build your own gallery of hero shots you can use across communications platforms.

2. Have rights

Now there will be times when you will need to use stock imagery, when this is the case it is important that you have rights to utilise the image otherwise you may be fined.

Some egs of free image sites:

3. Be professional

In general, any image you use should be professional looking, not blurry, and simple in its layout. If you use a lot of images (i.e., write a lot of blogs or other content), it's probably worth the investment to subscribe to a stock photo site so that you have thousands of images to choose from.

4. Diversify

Photos aren't the only type of image you can use in your content. Mixing it up can keep your audience better engaged, so try out an assortment of options ie Infographics,Custom graphics, GIFs, Videos.

5. Optimise it

If you are using images for example in association with a blog article and publishing on your website, be sure to also optimise your image by naming them and adding descriptions.

So, go forth and utilise the power of imagery!

If you need any help with your marketing, please feel free to contact Reality Marketing we are here to help. Call 0423 361 093


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