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Did you know the average user spends over 20 hours a week on social media, checking approximately 5 times a day


Over 57% of people access social media every day.


And over 79% of Aussies are on social media.

Reality Marketing outsourced marketing options

A Social media platform can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses when utilised correctly. Posts keep your name in front of your current customers and enable you to reach out to potential new customers, and grow the awareness of the services and products you provide.

Reality Marketing can manage your social media platform as required, including:

  • Management of Facebook pages

  • Management of Instagram

  • Management of LinkedIn

  • Management of Twitter

  • Creation of new social media pages

  • Enhancement of pages

  • Social media strategy and execution

  • Increasing following and engagement

  • Generation of new posts and messaging

  • Analytics

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