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How to apply Swedish 'Lagom' to your marketing this year

apply lagom to marketing

With a Swedish husband (who is also my colleague) and Swedish father -in -law, I have come to love and look forward to Swedish customs and traditions including the scrumptious feast that is a key feature every Christmas Eve, not to mention the schnapps!.

The Swedish concept of ‘Lagom’ is also one that I am attempting to implement into every day life and I find is particularly pertinent for Marketing.

Lagom (pronounced [ˈlɑ̀ːɡɔm]) is a Swedish word meaning "just the right amount". The Lexin Swedish-English dictionary defines lagom as "enough, sufficient, adequate, just right". Lagom is also widely translated as "in moderation", "in balance", "perfect-simple", and "suitable" (in matter of amounts).

Meaning "not too much, not too little" or "just enough", this practical concept is all about embracing a more balanced, sustainable approach that also results in more effective output and organic growth.

Try it on your marketing strategy and execution using a few tips below:

Choose your channels wisely

Select types of marketing you enjoy and feel comfortable with and are relevant for your key audience. It’s not because there’s a lot of buzz around a certain type of social media marketing that you have to try it. You can, and it might be effective, but if it doesn’t resonate with you, and your target audience then don’t put your energy there.

Post less but more effectively

When it comes to social media and its ever- growing popularity, we can see it also becoming more saturated making it more difficult to cut through and gain traction. We are finding that by taking the approach of quality vs quantity is proving to be more effective when it comes to gaining a more valuable following that is more engaged.

Work smarter not harder

As is often the way, it can more challenging to take on less and do it well. Being able to say no to doing certain things is a tricky concept for most of us as majority of us experience a forever expanding ‘to do’ list. Try focusing on improving processes and making regular marketing tasks more streamlined and effective to help cut down on time.

Don’t obsess over competitors

While an assessment of the competitive environment you are in is important, it is useful not to let this get too distracting. You might think that you have to double your efforts or change your chosen path when you see the competition doing well in business, but it isn’t necessary. Moving forward on your own path with your own authentic voice is!

Outsource where possible

As we are all well aware, time is considered a most precious commodity. Be mindful of how you are spending your time and what provides the most value to your business. Is it more valuable for your business for you to outsource certain aspects i.e. marketing, to experts in the field? The can enable you to focus more on the business as opposed to being caught up in the business and the day to day routine!

Adopting ‘lagom’ is what Reality Marketing is doing and helping clients to achieve the same. Growing businesses organically in mindful and creative way that is more sustainable for long term growth and resilience.

A way of marketing that is not too little, not too much, but ‘just right’!

Contact Reality Marketing today and kick start your marketing for 2018, email or call 0423 361 093.

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