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8 Marketing tips to survive the silly season

marketing tips to survive the silly season

Whether you have been naughty or nice this year with your marketing planning and activity, see below our quick tips for marketing survival over the Christmas and holiday period this year.

1. Plan

Use this time wisely, many businesses and consumers tend to wind down for the year, while relaxation and revitalisation time is essential, you can also use this slightly quieter time to get ahead in your planning for next year if you have not done so already.

Do you have a marketing plan for 2018?

Find out more about the importance of a marketing plan and how to develop a plan for your business here

2. Leverage

Are there certain products or services that you can promote during the festive season that are relevant to your audience? Gift vouchers are a great way to increase sales around this time and provide a great alternative for your customers.

3. Opening hours

Remember to communicate with plenty of notice across all channels when you will be open over the holiday period and ensure that you have the staffing requirements to cover accordingly.

4. Pre-schedule social media

If you aren’t already doing so, the holiday season is an ideal time to pre- schedule all your social media posts so that you can still be engaging with your audience even when on holiday! Facebook scheduling is quick and easy to do and helps you to stay on top of your social media calendar and keep top of mind with your audience.

5. Recognise and reward your team

Your staff have worked hard and are probably looking forward to a bit of downtime themselves, take this opportunity to recognise the wins for the year and congratulate and thank your team for all their efforts. They will greatly appreciate this and in turn will be motivated to do even better next year!

6. Assess activity

If you aren’t regularly monitoring marketing activity, then the end of the year is an ideal time to get cracking and assess all the marketing initiatives you have deployed and what the return on investment entailed. Going forward, analysis on a monthly and quarterly basis is even better to help you to effectively monitor progress and adjust your marketing plan as needed throughout the year.

7. Warm wishes for customers

Whether it’s an ecard, gift or other gesture, remembering to wish your customers a happy and safe Christmas is always a nice, feel good thing to do. It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy just from the heart and consistent with your brand identity.

8. Business as usual

Take this opportunity to get anything outstanding up to date, catch up on admin, audit your website and reconnect with strategic alliances. Many people may be more open to following up on items that were in the too busy, too hard basket earlier in the year.

So, take advantage of the silly season and use it to reflect and refine your marketing strategy and get ahead of the game for next year and beyond.

If you know that you need help with your marketing but don’t need a full time Marketing Manager, then you have come to the right place. Reality Marketing can take care of your marketing requirements from planning to social media management, website enhancement, PR, copywriting and more.

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Merry Christmas from the team at Reality Marketing

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