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Reality Marketing named 2017 finalist for Central Coast Business Excellence Awards (CCBEA)

Reality Marketing CCBEA 2017 Finalist

Reality Marketing are delighted to be named as one of the finalists for the Central Coast Business Excellence Awards. Leonie and Leif Arnebark, partners in business and in life are thrilled that their local marketing company has been able to flourish and are humbled by the honour of making the finalist list.

The Central Coast Business Excellence Awards [CCBEA] are the most prestigious and recognisable business awards held on the Central Coast. They are inclusive of the two local government areas; Gosford City Council and Wyong Shire Council. Conducted annually the Awards program celebrates business excellence and honours Central Coast industry leaders through the acknowledgement of innovative business processes, product development, enterprise, sustainability and overall business success.

The story behind Reality Marketing

Reality Marketing was developed to enable businesses to access experienced and qualified marketing management, as they need it, without the prohibitive cost of executive salaries or complexities of short term employment arrangements.

With two decades in marketing across a wide variety of industries, Leonie Arnebark, CEO of Reality Marketing identified that there was a gap in the market, in particular on the Central Coast.

‘Businesses were screaming out for help from a qualified marketing expert’, explains Arnebark. These businesses knew they needed a Marketing Manager but did not need one full time. Reality Marketing provides a Marketing Manager as required without the huge agency costs.

Arnebark states that ‘many businesses simply do not have the time or expertise to take on the responsibility of marketing for their business yet they realise how important marketing is for their success’. One of the key obstacles for small to medium businesses is the cost of accessing executive level marketing expertise. ‘Reality Marketing has been designed to fill this requirement by providing a marketing expert who can create strategic marketing plans aligned to a business’s goals and values and can then assist with effective execution’ explains Arnebark.

Leonie also understood that businesses were seeking practical and realistic marketing support, and hence the name Reality Marketing. Reality Marketing provides authentic and effective support that is suitable to the reality of the clients’ requirements, budget and aspirations.

What they offer clients

Authentic and practical marketing solutions:

  • Smart marketing outsourcing options

  • Your own Marketing Manager, pay as you use

  • Marketing consulting and coaching

Reality Marketing provides an accessible, strategic and cost- effective marketing resource for clients.

Covering services including:


-Practical marketing plans



-Digital marketing

-Social media

-Content strategy and creation for website


-Partnership alliances/sponsorship leveraging

-Event management

-Culture and CSR

Why Reality Marketing is unique

Integrated marketing plans and channel management

When searching for marketing expertise many businesses are approached by companies that have very specific service offerings such as social media, design or print advertising. This piecemeal approach can create confusion and a lack of structure in a business’s marketing program.

Key to Reality Marketing's service offering is the creation of integrated strategic marketing plans that combine all relevant communication channels for that business into one document.

This structured strategic document is tailored specifically for that business to achieve results respective to their budget and goals and provides a tangible path forward.

An extension of your team

Marketing agencies provide short term solutions for businesses in only specific marketing channels. Reality Marketing aims to and has achieved much longer relationships with clients as the clients’ perception is of Reality Marketing as their very own Marketing Manager who is actively working to grow the business for them and perceived as a critical extension of their own team.

Results and analytics focused

Reality Marketing is dedicated to demonstrating return on investment to clients through providing monthly analytics and analysis of performance through a marketing score card. This score card analyses all marketing activity and measures success accordingly in relation to KPIs and business targets.

This allows flexibility to be built into a business’s marketing program to ensure that budget is allocated to only those areas that demonstrate return.

Who they work with

Reality Marketing is currently working with a select group of clients located on the Central Coast, Sydney, and interstate. They support a number of medical and dental practices along with allied health providers and other businesses who through Reality Marketing’s support are experiencing significant growth and success.

‘Reality Marketing functions as an extension of our clients’ team and works closely together in partnership with them’ says Arnebark. ‘We have a vested interest in our clients and do all we can to support them in achieving their marketing and business goals’.

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