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Is a picture really worth a 1000 words?

Is a picture worth 1000 words?

Is a picture really worth a 1000 words? The simple answer to this is hell YES!

Take the photo that is used in association with this blog. Featuring a real doctor, Dr John Schulze, Practice Principal of Absolute Medial Services, in Lisarow on the Central Coast, NSW and a real patient in the middle of a consultation. The genuine nature of this image is what resonates with patients and encourages them to continue their relationship with the practice and the doctor.

Understanding the importance of imagery to portray your brand, to be used in marketing campaigns, content marketing strategies, and in social media platforms, is a vital ingredient for a company’s marketing strategy.

Images are able to grab our attention easily as we are immediately drawn to them. By smartly integrating imagery, you can gain maximum advantage for your brand and marketing activity.

Why is imagery so important and how to get maximum impact.


One of the reasons images are so important is that they make people feel that you are real. That you are authentic, and the imagery you choose to use is relatable and represents a person behind the brand or product or service.

Why is it important to show that you are real? Because if you are real you can more naturally create and nurture a relationship with your clients, patients or customers.

Real vs stock:

Utilising unique images of real people as opposed to stock images is always preferable. Engage with a photographer who can effectively capture your brand and bring it to life, showcasing your key services and demographics.

Cut through:

We live in a fast- paced world. Most people scan through a large quantity of material each day. Text, videos and images. They do this as they wait at the doctor’s practice. They do this as they eat lunch. In front of the TV. In search of something. During their commute. Most of this is performed on a mobile device, so ensuring your imagery suits mobile responsive design and layout is also key.

Grabs attention fast:

We process images at an alarming speed. When we view an image, we analyse it within a very short snippet of time, recognising the meaning and context surround the image almost immediately. The human brain is able to recognise a familiar object within 100 milliseconds. People tend to recognise familiar faces within 380 milliseconds, which is incredibly quick.

Sight sensation

Vision is our dominant sense. Seeing takes up to 50% of our brain’s resources, making us literally hardwired to respond to images. While you can argue that text also is visual, it is the images that do a better job of reaching into our brains and affecting the intuitive, emotional parts of us that make a strong connection.

Be strategic

In order to gain attention, it is important to use images strategically. When implanted properly, images can complement and enhance your content, catch the interest of new viewers, and improve your chances of getting found organically.

Social media optimisation

Clever use of imagery can greatly enhance your social media presence, increasing reach, following and engagement. Video clips are a fantastic way to provide interactivity and are a popular way to gain traction on social media.

Imagery is a critical element of your marketing activity and as such should be considered carefully, and integrated wisely across all channels.

If you are seeking quality integrated marketing support, Reality Marketing can provide you with your own Marketing Manager, as you need it. Contact, call 0423 361 093.

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