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What is branding and why is it important?

What is branding and why is it important?

I often get asked by clients to explain why branding is so important and why then should invest into their brand. Does it really matter?

Let’s start by asking the question-what is branding?

Branding goes way beyond just a logo. When you think about your brand, you really want to think about your entire customer experience…everything from your logo, your website, your social media experiences, the way you answer the phone, to the way your staff interact with your customers.

When you look at this broad definition of branding, it can be a bit overwhelming to think about what is involved in your brand. It helps to run through the customer experience and identify all its touch points, that is every time a customer or prospective customer will encounter this is related to your brand.

In short, your brand is the way your customer perceives you. See below reasons why your brand is important and how it can make or break the success of your business.

7 reasons why branding so important for your business:

1. Defines who you are and what you will deliver

It is important to remember that your brand represents you…you are the brand, your staff is the brand, your marketing materials are the brand. What do they say about you, and what do they say about what you’re going to deliver (promise) to the customer?

Your brand should immediately tell a customer something about the quality of the product or service and what to expect.

2. Differentiates you from your competitors

Today more than ever, it is critical to stand apart from the crowd. Your brand is ultimately your promise to your customer. You want to create a brand that not only helps your customers identify you, but helps you create a connection with them – and ideally, you want them to choose your brand over your competitor’s.

Understanding your brand positioning and identifying and leveraging how you are different from competitors is a key element in successful branding.

3. Helps tell your story

Your full brand experience, from the visual elements like the logo to the way that your phones are answered, tell your customer about the kind of company that you are.

4. Inspires, motivates and helps direct your team

A clear brand strategy provides the clarity that your staff needs to be successful. It tells them how to portray your image, and how to meet your goals.

5. Helps you connect with your customers

A good brand connects with people at an emotional level, they feel good when they buy or use the brand. Purchasing is an emotional experience and having a strong brand helps people feel good at an emotional level when they engage with the company.

6. Makes it easier to refer

People love to tell others about the brands they like and respond to. People wear brands, eat brands, listen to brands, and they’re constantly telling others about the brands they love. On the flip side, you can’t tell someone about a brand you can’t remember. A strong brand is critical to generating referrals and interest.

7. Provides value to your business

A strong brand will provide value to your organisation well beyond your physical assets.

Branding is highly important and being consistent with your brand and how it is conveyed is just as important. Have clear guidelines about what your company offers and stands for and how this should be displayed

– and then make sure that message gets communicated to your employees and customers in everything you do.

If you are interested in refining your brand positioning, re-branding or enhancing your current branding, Reality Marketing is here to help. Please contact or call 0423 361 093.

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