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Digital is king, and the customer is the crown jewel.

5 ways to enhance your customer experience and marketing performance.

Marketing has entered the age of the customer, where customers have more information, choices, and power than ever before. The customer experience — the culmination of all brand and customer interactions — now matters more than anything.

Customer satisfaction — historically, the domain of service teams — is the number one success metric for marketers today. This is further evidence of the blurring lines between marketing, customer service, and sales. Marketing is more about building and sustaining customer relationships than merely filling the funnel.

According to a study conducted by Salesforce, customer engagement is a top priority for marketers this year. While brand awareness is a longstanding marketing objective that implies one-way form of messaging, customer engagement indicates the rising importance of more personal relationships with two-way communication.

1. Adopt a customer journey strategy

Identify and commit to the customer journey by adopting a strategy that actively integrates touchpoints and makes the customer experience a priority. From raising revenue growth to boosting customer satisfaction scores, the benefits of adopting a customer journey strategy are substantial.

2. Leverage smart tech

As the opportunities for data-driven marketing grow, marketers have a diverse toolbox for connecting with customers. To keep pace with the dynamic marketing industry and support smarter communications, it is critical to explore and implement suitable tools and tech to enable marketing automation and intelligence.

3. Content is key

Content marketing has become an integral part of the marketing strategy. Other powerhouse channels like email and social are fueled by content in some form. Among marketers who agree content marketing is core to their business, 48% see a direct link to primary revenue as stated in a survey conducted by Salesforce this year.

4. Go mobile

With even more marketers reporting significant ROI for mobile, email, and social in 2016, it’s crucial to orchestrate these channels in support of a seamless customer experience. Social selling and mobile option, for example, rank in the top five most effective campaign types.

5. Target ads using customer data

As advertising continues to accelerate on social platforms, striving to create a unique experience based on real customer identity, using real customer data to segment or target ads is proving most effective.

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